Virginia Home Grown Visits Culpepper Garden

Watch the season premiere of the PBS series “Virginia Home Grown”, featuring Culpepper Garden’s display of 35,000 daffodils. View the segment now.

Virginia Home Grown (Virginia Home Grown | PBS) recently visited Culpepper Garden to film a segment of the popular PBS series. The program, which airs monthly from March through October, features interviews with experts and enthusiasts from around the state of Virginia. We were so thrilled by the opportunity to share our gardens and honor the legacy of Dr. Charles Culpepper, a botanist for the USDA who purchased the property in 1926 and later sold it at reduced cost for the purpose of establishing much needed affordable senior housing. Read more on Dr. Charles Culpepper here. Fifty years later, we remain deeply committed to Charles Culpepper’s legacy: creating and sharing beauty, expressing generosity, and belief in the future.

Culpepper Garden’s Executive Director, Marta Hill Gray and host Peggy Singlemann toured the grounds while discussing our gardens, legacy, and stunning display of 35,000 daffodils. Although the day of filming was somewhat overcast, our daffodils still shined brightly and there were many other flowers and trees in bloom throughout the property. Check out our behind-the-scenes photos.

The show is set to air on March 28th at 8 pm and we invite you to tune in to watch. In addition to airing on your local PBS station, episodes stream live on where viewers can chat with the team and ask questions that may be answered live from the studio.

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