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    Culpepper Garden Senior Residences Logo
    Culpepper Garden 50 Year anniversary

    Affordable housing and services for seniors in Arlington.

    Affordable housing and services for seniors in Arlington.

    Our Community

    Culpepper Garden offers as much companionship and activity as residents wish — or as much privacy and quiet time as they need.

    There are plenty of options to keep residents involved through resident programs and activities. Culpepper Garden has a dining room, lounges, a library, wellness clinic, a hair salon, meeting and exercise rooms, laundry facilities, onsite parking and landscaped and wooded grounds—all in the heart of Arlington.  

    We have an active Resident Association, and seniors can volunteer for day-to-day duties, such as working in the variety shop. 

    The result: a unique and vibrant community.

    Culpepper Garden is a vital part of Arlington, and residents play a vital role in Culpepper Garden.

    Independent and Assisted Senior Living Facilities

    Culpepper Garden is known for its green setting in the heart of Arlington.

    Outside, a walking path winds through the five acres of landscaped gardens and woods in the Arlington Forest neighborhood.

    Inside, the eight-story building was designed specifically with its older occupants in mind. The apartments are simple, comfortable, well maintained and affordable.

    Security, Inside and Out

    Ensuring our residents’ safety is our primary goal. Culpepper Garden provides services such as:

    • A reception area, manned 24 hours a day
    • An emergency call system in each bedroom, bathroom and living area connected to the front desk.

    We also have a comprehensive plan to ensure residents’ safety in the event of an emergency. The plan is outlined in the handbook that residents receive when they move in.

    Top Quality Property Management

    Arlington Retirement Housing Corporation (ARHC) hired Coordinated Services Management, Inc. (CSM) to provide top quality, professional property management and dining services.  CSM is a caring professional management company, pledged to enhancing the quality of life for each resident. CSM staff is trained to respect every resident's right to dignity, promote resident success, and provide for enjoyment in day-to-day living. Activities are developed to facilitate interaction among residents, family, community, volunteers and staff, thereby promoting bonding among these groups and strengthening meaningful family relationships.  For more information about CSM, please visit

    Culpepper Garden's Rich History

    Culpepper Garden and ARHC, the nonprofit owner, are unique in the Arlington community and unwavering in our commitment to providing affordable housing and services for seniors. To read more about our past and important milestones, click here.

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