Culpepper Garden is a caring community that treats each resident with dignity and encourages family involvement and support.  

"My favorite thing about Culpepper Garden is the gardens. I love having my own plot to grow the plants I love."

Twelve-year resident

"My mother liked her independence and being in control of her life. She always said she "felt safe" at Culpepper Garden."

Daughter of a five-year resident

"If this place didn't exist, I'd be living with one of my two sons. I love them to death, but want to stay independent as long as I can."

Seven-year resident

"At 87 my very active mom moved into Independent Living at Culpepper Garden. After a six-week hospital visit she moved into Assisted Living at age 91. We were concerned about her quality of life, but she has had years of shopping, meeting friends for lunch, playing Bingo, and even doing crossword puzzles! More importantly, she has had these years with her family, creating memories which will live on with all of us. Now, at the age of 102 although she remains physically active, her memory has begun to dim, but thanks to the Assisted Living staff my mom has been given the gift of a quality of life none of us could have imagined. We are so very grateful for Culpepper Garden!"

Daughter of Assisted Living Resident

"Culpepper Garden provided an environment that truly increased my mother’s quality of life. There are many social activities, games, and educational and artistic events to get residents out of their apartments. The staff are incredibly friendly and genuinely compassionate to the residents. The quality of care and safe environment made my mother and our family very confident that Culpepper Garden was the best choice for mom."

Son of Assisted Living Resident

"I've visited my two aunts at Culpepper Garden many times and have always found it to be such a vibrant and beautiful place ... My sister and I are so grateful that a place like Culpepper exists for Arlington's seniors."

Niece of two two-year residents

"My friend dearly loved being at Culpepper Garden. She was so happy when she was able to move there."

Friend of two-year resident

"Culpepper Garden was the answer to our family's prayers. When we needed a safe, caring environment for our Mom, we found it there. Culpepper has cozy 1-bedroom apartments; an excellent staff that is professional, responsive, friendly and truly dedicated to its residents; lots of fun social activities; and cheerful, well-maintained facilities. We visited our Mom several times a week and were able to spend quality time with her there, giving us great peace of mind and making us forever grateful."

Daughter of Assisted Living Resident

"Thanks to the staff I am at Culpepper Garden Independent living and my rent is one-third of rent at other apartments. My building is clean and very well maintained. Out the window, I see trees and gardens. The management staff are friendly and Resident Services is exceptionally helpful. There are many languages spoken here and numerous events and workshops I attend. I have a small garden plot where I planted flowers and vegetables."

Current Independent Living Resident

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