Independent Living – COVID-19 Update – 6/8/20

Dear Independent Living Residents and Family Members,

We continue to work diligently in the entire Culpepper Garden community to keep our residents safe and healthy in this battle against COVID-19. This notice is to update the Culpepper Garden Community that we have received notification that two of the assisted living team members tested positive for the coronavirus. Both team members are showing no symptoms and are currently isolating at home until they are cleared to return to work. The team members tested positive after the Arlington County Health Department ‘Point of Prevalence’ testing of all assisted living staff and residents that occurred last Thursday.

Point of Prevalence testing is conducted to identify individuals who are positive for COVID-19 but pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic. We have not received all the test results back at this point and we expect, statistically, that we may have additional positive test results. Currently, there are no assisted living residents or team members who are experiencing signs or symptoms of COVID-19. In our assisted living building all precautions and restrictions remain in place in order to limit the spread of the virus, including no visitors, residents remaining quarantined in their apartment, staff screened at the beginning of their shift and during their shift for signs and symptoms of COVID-19, and staff required to wear a mask and other appropriate personal protective equipment.

The following protocols remain in place in the independent living Culpepper Garden apartments:

• Staff are continuing to frequently disinfect common area surfaces.
• Residents should always require aides or other essential health care workers to wear a mask and gloves in their units.
• Aides are not permitted to use any common areas; they are to proceed directly after screening to their assigned resident and remain inside or with the resident for the duration of the visit. NOTE: Laundry and walks with the resident outside the unit or on the grounds are permitted.
• All aides doing resident laundry will be restricted to using the 5th floor laundry room.
• All aides are screened upon entry with temperature checked and recorded.
• All aides are always required to wear masks and gloves in the building.
• Anyone entering the building must be screened for signs and symptoms of COVID-19, including a temperature check.

We continue with our infection control measures and those provided by the CDC:

• Washing and sanitizing of hands for 20 seconds or more as often as possible; and avoid touching face, mouth, and eyes
• Wear a mask whenever in public or when an aide is in the unit.
• Covering a cough or sneeze.
• Maintaining a “physical distance” of six (6) feet.
• Frequent disinfecting areas of activity and touch points
• Monitor health for symptoms and stay away from others if sick

This news reinforces the need for continued vigilance and strict adherence to safety protocols put in place at Culpepper Garden. The risk to our community remains real.

Thank you for the continued support and understanding.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Paul Timpane
Director, Property Operations

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