Assisted Living – COVID-19 Update – 6/24/20

Dear Residents and Family Members,

We are thankful for your continued support in this fight against the coronavirus. I wanted to take the time to provide you with updates. Currently, our status with COVID-19 remains the same. We have had two team members test positive because of the Point Prevalence Survey that took place June 4. An employee must be cleared to return to work after completion of a quarantine period. Currently, we have no known resident cases of COVID-19. We continue to monitor residents and staff daily for signs and symptoms.

If our status remains the same, it is our hope we can begin with limited outside visitations beginning July 6, 2020 pending approval from our local health department. This visitation will need to be scheduled and limited to one visitor during the session at a time. All parties will always need to be masked and maintain social distance protocols. Visits will be scheduled for 30-minute increments so that all our residents will be able to enjoy visits from their friends and families at least once a week. There will be a designated visitor area assigned during your visit time, which will be sanitized between visitors. We will send more details about how to sign up for visits as we get closer to July 6.

Along with the same approval, barber and salon services will resume by appointment only and will be limited to certain days and times designated only for Assisted Living residents. The hairdresser will follow appropriate protocols established by the Board for Barbers and Cosmetology for disinfecting and sanitizing the salon, including, when providing salon services, the hairdresser and the resident will be masked. We will also resume podiatry and therapy services beginning in July.

Thank You again for your support during this unprecedented time. We appreciate all that you do to for your love one to help them through this difficult time. Please join me in praying for our entire community, the residents, and their loved ones affected by this disease as well as the team who are working to make sure the resident’s needs are being met.


Kimberly Searcy
Assisted Living Administrator

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