Assisted Living – COVID-19 Update – 12/3/20

Dear Residents and Family Members,

We are thankful for your continued support in this fight against the coronavirus. I wanted to provide you with an update. Over the last few weeks, we have tested both residents and staff in house and we have continued to have no cases of COVID-19. Today, we have learned that one resident tested positive for COVID-19 that was identified during a routine doctor’s visit. The resident did not show any signs or symptoms of COVID-19. Currently, the resident will remain in quarantine and we will follow the guidelines provided to us by the CDC and local health department. We will continue with our current testing strategy to test staff and residents. All staff members were tested yesterday, and resident testing is being scheduled for tomorrow.

The following protocols for residents and aides remain in place:

  • ALL visits with family members must be scheduled in advance. Due to the required infection control practices, we are not able to accommodate an unscheduled family visit. We ask for your cooperation in this matter.
  • Staff are continuing to frequently disinfect commonly touched surfaces in the common areas.
  • One staff member will be designated to the isolated resident.
  • Residents should always require private caregivers and any essential visitors to wear a mask and gloves in their apartment.
  • Private caregivers and aides are not permitted to use any common areas; they are to proceed directly after screening to their assigned resident and remain inside or with the resident for the duration of the visit. NOTE: Laundry and walks with the resident outside the unit or on the grounds are permitted if masks are worn.
  • All aides doing resident laundry will be restricted to using the 5th floor laundry room.
  • All aides are screened upon entry with temperature checked and recorded.
  • All aides are always required to wear masks and gloves in the building.
  • Anyone entering the building must always use hand sanitizer and be properly screened, including a temperature check.

We continue to encourage that everyone in our community follow proper infection control practices as provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

  • Washing and sanitizing of hands for 20 seconds or more as often as possible; and avoid touching face, mouth, and eyes.
  • Wear a mask whenever in public or when an aide or caregiver is in the apartment.
  • Covering a cough or sneeze.
  • Maintaining a “social distance” of six (6) feet or greater.
  • Frequent disinfecting areas of activity and touch points.
  • Monitor health for symptoms and stay away from others if sick.

As a reminder, any resident that leaves the community will be placed under 14-day quarantine upon return per our local health department. We will test them within the week they return to the community. We urge you, especially at this time of increased positivity among the public, to please abide by these rules that have been put into place to best protect the residents, family members and team members. Our priority is for the safety of all concerned. Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kimberly Searcy
Assisted Living Administrator

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