Giving Tuesday 2022

It truly brightens our day when we receive heartfelt notes like the following:

My mother has been a resident of CGIII for about two years. The care, support, and friendship she has experienced since she moved into Culpepper Garden has changed her life. Prior to moving into Culpepper Garden III, my mother was in a precarious living situation that was made worse by the pandemic. We were constantly worried about whether her basic needs would be met each day. Thanks to Culpepper Garden, my mom now lives in a beautiful, sunny apartment. She is surrounded by devoted, skilled and caring staff who provide her with the care and support she needs. She has made good friends and participates in the activities the staff so thoughtfully plans each week. She benefits from the excellent medical providers who come to Culpepper Garden to provide residents with medical care without needing to leave home. For the first time in many years, my mother and I can sleep soundly knowing that she is in a safe and supportive living situation.

- Daughter of an Assisted Living Resident

Culpepper Garden was founded over 50 years ago with a mission to provide affordable housing, service and care that allows low-incomes seniors to thrive as they age.

We continue to be honored to serve our residents, many who have found a home and community that provides care and services beyond their means and their wildest expectations.

While we receive generous funding from Arlington County, your support helps subsidize almost half of our Assisted Living (CGIII) residents, greatly impacting their lives and ensuring they receive the care and community they need. Many have nowhere else to go and have few resources to pay for any kind of care. We wish we could provide for more residents, as our waiting list is long. This Giving Tuesday, we hope that you might consider supporting us with a gift, or perhaps a monthly donation.

By supporting our mission, you ensure that our seniors receive the highest quality services and care and can remain in their home at Culpepper Garden even after their resources have been depleted. Your generosity is the safety net for those who rely on Culpepper Garden.

Every gift given during Giving Tuesday goes toward ensuring that individuals who contributed so much to our society are now able to live out their golden years with dignity and independence. Happy Holidays!

Nail Polishing at Culpepper Garden
AFAC Volunteers at Culpepper Garden
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