Daffodil Bulb Donation Drive

It may be summer, but we are already planning for spring and the return of our daffodils.

These beautiful spring-flowering perennials have a special place in our hearts and in our garden. Daffodils have been propagated on the property since 1926 when the land was first owned by a noted botanist and scientist. Dr. Charles Culpepper grew daffodils, daylilies, and azaleas on the nearly five acre wooded plot. In 1969, he sold the land to Arlington Retirement Housing Corporation to establish housing for low-income seniors that would later become Culpepper Garden.

Since then, Culpepper Garden has worked to preserve the plants and trees left by Dr. Culpepper and to enhance the beauty of the gardens with added varieties. Last year, we revitalized our garden and hosted our very first Spring Garden Walk featuring 28,000 daffodils planted in tribute to Dr. Culpepper and his vocation.

As we continue to increase our repository of plants, and most especially daffodils, we want to share the beauty and bounty of our gardens with the community. This fall, we bring to you our first annual Daffodil Bulb Donation Drive. We have a limited amount of custom selected daffodil bulbs that are all (in some fashion), descendants from the hybrids Dr. Culpepper created right here on these grounds.

For a donation of $75 or more, you will receive a reusable bag of 25 select daffodil bulbs to either plant, give as a gift or donate back to Culpepper Garden for us to plant along our Gibboney Walk.

Please use this link to place your order online.

Orders may be picked up at Culpepper Garden in early to mid-October, just in time to plant in your garden for spring.

All proceeds will be used to support Culpepper Garden, including our Garden Fund, as we work to expand and improve our gardens for our residents, their friends, families, and caregivers, as well as our community at large to enjoy. Your gift will also allow us to expand the beauty and brightness of our springtime display with the addition of 5,000 more daffodil bulbs.

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